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Whether you're experienced or just starting out, this is the ultimate pathway to creative mastery.

360+ Hours Of In-Depth Courses & Workshops

Learn directly fom industry professionals who teach from years of experience, not textbook theory.

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Don't have time right now to dive in? No problem – Enjoy lifetime access to all our courses, programs and workshops.

Downloads & Resources

Sample Packs, Presets, Project Files – When you enroll, you get access to every single resource available to that course.

Feedback & Community

Get feedback from industry professionals & an active community and take the guesswork out of making fast progress.

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Making Your Dream Tracks Doesn't Have To Be Frustrating

Hey guys, this is Walid Feghali & Arn Andersson.

We set out to make Evenant in 2015 because we couldn't find a place to learn everything we needed to create the music we wanted, let alone getting it out in the world and making money from it.

Today we have hundreds of placements under our belts, over 100M streams, tracks in Movies, Games, Hollywood Campaigns, and have been making a living from our craft for over a decade.

Together with other brilliant industry professionals, we pooled our skills together to create a unique, powerful learning resource for all creatives - mixing in-depth courses with a global community, tutor feedback and live events.
This mission has lead to thousands of students who go from complete beginners to creating unbelievably realistic and lush compositions, and even landing their dream composing jobs, getting placements, billboard plaques and gathering millions of streams for themselves.

360+ Hours Of In-Depth Courses

Music Licensing Mastery

Orchestral Sketching

Cinematic Music II

Cinematic Music I

Trailer Sound Design

Trailer Music Redefined

Orchestration Reloaded

Trailer Orchestration

Cinematic Synthesis

Cinematic SFX

Music Licensing

Cinematic Music 
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And the list goes on ...

Now, Let's Look At Everything Inside!

30+ Comprehensive Courses

Get access to ALL our courses, plus a personalized roadmap to find the perfect pathway for you.

From our flagship composing and orchestration courses, to making money from your tracks and writing music for Hollywood trailers, all the way to custom sound design, synthesis and mixing & mastering. It’s all in here – with a fully customized pathway for your personal goals.

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$7000 +
20+ Deep-dive Workshop Recordings 

In addition to all our courses, you'll gain access to a vault of Live Workshop Recordings.

In these we dive deep into topics such as track structures and breaking out of the loop stage, eradicating mud from your mixes, improving orchestrations, creating a wall of sound, writing for brass & woodwinds, complex orchestral textures, mastering, and tons more.

Worldwide Community Support

Our community is a crucial part of growing and evolving. When joining Evenant Ultimate, you get access to a private Discord server with students, course authors and professional tutors available to answer your questions and give you feedback.

Learning on your own can be lonely, so we'd rather have you grow alongside students from all over the world, keep each other accountable, and crush your goals together.

Professional Tutor Feedback

We've got professional tutors with years of experience in the industry, and hundreds of placements available to answer your questions, whether it's about the industry, music production, gear, or anything else!

You'll also be able to post your work and assignments and get personal feedback on what's good and could be improved, so you can get better, faster.

Insane Bonuses, Live Calls & More

Get access to a ton of extra sample packs, downloadables, stems, source files, and other killer resources designed to help you create better music faster.

You'll also get access to live calls with the Evenant Founders, authors, tutors, and guests - with everything from Q&A's to topics ranging from composition, arranging, production, monetization and the business and music industry.

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Just See What Our Students Are Saying

Learn From The Industry Pros

Our courses are taught by industry professionals with hundreds of placements, working with major brands and companies like Bleeding Fingers - teaching from experience, not theory.

Arn Andersson
Composer & Co Founder
Arn is a music producer based in LA. His work has amassed nearly 100M streams, placements with Disney, Universal, Warner Bros, and Netflix and collabs with 2x Grammy-winning Metropole Orkest & Hardwell.
Walid Feghali
CEO & Co-Founder
Walid is a Swedish composer, concept artist, Co-Founder of Evenant and commercial pilot. He has composed for feature films & games, campaigns like Independence Day 2, Warcraft, Call of Duty and more.
Toby Mason
Mixing Engineer
Mixing & Mastering engineer basedin Hollywood CA, used to work at Conway Recording Studios and recorded for many artists and genres ranging from Kiss to Snoop Dogg, before working as an engineer for Immediate Music.
Anže Rozman
Composer, Bleeding Fingers
Anze is a composer at Bleeding Fingers, co-scoring Apple TV+’s Prehistoric Planet alongside Hans Zimmer and Kara Talve, BBC’s The Universe and The Planets, and additional music for BBC’s Seven Worlds, One Planet.
Joshua Crispin
Producer & Sound Designer
Joshua has created trailer music and sound design for well over 300 advertising campaigns, including Star Wars, Fortnite, Beatsaber, Apex Legends, Battlefield, UFC, NBA, Avengers and many others.
Karel Psota
Sound Designer & Producer
Karél is a Sound Designer, Producer and Mixer based in Los Angeles. His sounds and music were used in theatrical trailers like Valorant, Justice League, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Fantastic Beasts and more.
Austin Seltzer
Mixing & Mastering Engineer
Austin is a mixing engineer based in LA with billions of streams, platinum albums, 1000+ mixed tracks for publishers andlabels, as well as hundreds of placements in major movie trailers, video game trailers etc.
Tim Stoney
Trailer Music Composer
Trailer music composer and orchestrator based in the UK working with Dos Brains, Epic Score and Cavalry Music, with placements in campaigns for Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Venom, Call of Duty: WWII ++
Mathieu Hallouin
Trailer Music Composer
Mixing engineer, trailer music publisher and musician based in France. His work with labels like Dos Brains has landed his music in campaigns such as Avengers, Captain America, Maze Runner, and many more.
Emmett Cooke
Full time composer for film, TV and video games. His music has been licensed by a range of companies & channels including; Ralph Lauren, Sony Playstation, The History Channel, CBS, ESPN and many more.
Music Producer
Residing in Miami, FL Jerry DiPhillippo, better known as BigJerr, has made a name for himself in the Scene. He's an Ableton Certified Trainer, Instructor at Icon Collective, Warp Academy and Evenant
Dan Larsson
Sound Designer
Dan Larsson is a producer and sample pack creator for companies such as Loopmasters, Cr2 Records and has received support from the scene’s biggest names such as Skrillex, Zomboy, & Virtual Riot ++

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Frequently asked questions

I want to earn money from my music, will this help me?

You bet it will. Evenant Ultimate is geared towards helping you all the way from the first tracks to earning money from your craft. From courses breaking down how to make money from sound design and trailer music, to mixing courses showing you how to create productions up to the standard of the industry, and courses showing you how the music licensing industry works, breakdowns of tracks that have made us hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as entire case studies showing how we went from 0 to 6 figures in just a year. It's a tremendous resource to show you the ins and outs of the industry, and actual real life examples of what has worked, and how to do it yourself.

I'm a complete beginner, will this be for me?

Absolutely. We have a solid range of introductory courses ranging from setting up your home studio, and the basics of a midi keyboard, all the way to creating your first compositions and beyond. Evenant Ultimate is set up to be a complete roadmap from generating your first ideas, to even earning your first income.

Will I get feedback on my music?

As a part of Evenant Ultimate, one of the best features is that you'll have access to professionals with hundreds of placements and professional credits to give feedback on your music, or questions about the industry. You can utilize our Discord and our private course groups to post your music, ask questions and much more. In addition, we host monthly live calls where you can ask questions about music, the industry, or anything else.

What if I'm not happy?

We have a very strict policy that we only want happy students. That's why we give you 21 days to try out all the courses, completely risk free. If for ANY reason you're not happy during this period, simply let us know and we'll give you every penny back, no questions asked. We're a platform by creatives for creatives, and if we can't provide tremendous value to you, we don't want your money.

What do I get access to?

In Evenant Ultimate, you get access to ALL our courses, featuring over 360 hours of content created by industry professionals. You also get access to over 20 incredible workshops that go even deeper into specific subjects. To give you the best possible learning experience, we've also created a personalized pathway generator that will show you which courses to do in which order based on your skill level and goals, and you'll get access to a rich international community of creatives on our private course platform and our discord. We also host monthly live calls for evenant ultiamte members where you can ask questions and get help on your specific situation. All the courses in the bundle sell individually for over $7000 dollars, so this bundle is an absolute steal if you truly want to level up your skills.

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