Meet the team behind Evenant

Walid Feghali

“Everyone says you should do what you love, but no one teaches you how…”

Arn Andersson

“All anyone was teaching was text book theory… I had to piece together the puzzle, and carve my own path as a modern creative”

The Creators & The Birth Of Evenant

How a chance meeting of two creators resulted in a thriving online community of more than 300,000 creatives globally…
The year is 2015. Two young Scandinavian creators & entrepreneurs Arn Andersson & Walid Feghali meet at a composer meet-up in Berlin. Both share the same passion for travelling the world while creating music and art, and teaching others to do the same.

They also share their frustrations about the outdated creative industry…. how much time and money they’ve both spent learning how to turn their passion into a sustainable career, and how they dream of offering a modern day creative platform that doesn’t just teach text book theory…Fast forward a couple months later, Arn & Walid find themselves on the sunny Thai island of Koh Lanta.

In June 2015, amongst the shade of the palm trees, these two creators work hard on making content, building a website & discussing strategies to bring their vision to life. It’s here that Evenant is born, created out of the passion and mission to change the world & inspire a new generation of modern creators and thinkers across all creative fields and industries.Evenant offers real education taught by experience, not just theory, in a completely customizable and accessible platform.

We bring every aspect of the industry together – from upskilling your art, to mastering business skills, your health & mindset, and even connecting creators to industry opportunities – to provide one holistic centerfield of productivity and synergy for artists. It’s no longer a zero sum game…

Pretty cool right?

And The Global Team To Make It All Happen

Evenant is run by a team of amazing people from all over the world.

Emma Nixon
Customer Success & Project Manager
Louis Beetge
Lead Developer
Marko Tica
Tech Support & Web Admin
Alexander Guichet
Lead Developer
Eben Schumacher
Content & Community Manager
Alan Schwegler
Moderator & Student Support
Sjoerd Visser
The Glorious One
Sam Griffiths
Course Mentor

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