Composer Master Tools

the Definitive Collection Of Mind-Shredding sounds, tools and presets to Take your music productions through the stratosphere
15GB+ Samples - 300+ Synth Presets - 3 Masterclasses

The Composer Master Tools consolidates a decade of curated sound design in collaboration with Joshua Crispin aka Generdyn, cinematic presets and tools designed to flesh out and finish quality tracks at lightning speed.

Redefine your productions with our most comprehensive toolkit ever.

"Having access to this vast library feels like unlocking a treasure trove of inspiration."

"For ten years, Joshua's sound design has elevated my trailer work. This is a truly rare collection where quality meets quantity!"

Blake Robinson 'Blakus' (Star Wars, Avatar)

"These are the best Serum presets I've heard, a Masterclass!"

"The sounds and presets are mixed so well, ready to drag and drop into any track."
Karel Psota (Valorant, Justice League)

"Class act from Evenant once again."

“These samples and presets are awesome, combined with a big learning opportunity for learning synthesis.”

Alex Moukala (Avengers, John Wick)

"This pack allows me to create at a level beyond my current skill-set."

"I've always felt like my ideas were greater than my ability to pull them into reality. This pack bridges that gap."

Backchat (BeatSaber, Call of Duty)

Trailer FX, Transitions & Drum Samples

Explore the range of 1500+ sonic tools included in this toolkit below

sample pack

Abyssal Impacts

A vast selection of over 230 trailer hits and impacts, ranging from quick and snappy to massive and epic, subtle and deep to bright and in your face - ready for any track or style.
sample pack

Phantom Whooshes

A comprehensive selection of 100+ whooshes and whoosh-hits, from soft and airy, to heavy and earth shattering. Every sound is designed to ensure maximum momentum between sections.
sample pck

Abyssal Booms

A collection of cinema-ready booms, from subtle and deep, to powerful impacts, explosions and earth shaking low drums. Find the perfect sound to add monumental weight to any track.
sample pack

Phatom Risers

Phantom Risers features over 100 different risers of dfferent lengths and qualites, from electronic to orchestral, quick to long buildups, for both orchestral, electronc, trailer music and beyond.
sample pack

Quantum Transitions

Every kind of sub drop you could need for any style of music, from deep and sub focused, to powerful and distorted - find the right transition to carry momentum for any break imaginable.
sample pack

Phantom Reverses

Dive into a vault of reverse sounds, from transparent subtle whooshes, to powerful transitions & lush tonal transitions that will ensure a smooth ramp up from one section to the next.
sample pack

Apex Strikes: Drums

Apex Strikes features 700 drum loops and one shots, rangng from stadium size drum kits, big toms, percussive loops, and one shots suitable for a wide range of genres and styles.

Tonal Loops & One Shots

Explore the range of 2000+ braams, pings, atmospheres and tonal loops

sample pack

Phantom Tonal Loops

These loops are designed to add momentum, tension and depth to any track, from subtle pulses to distorted rhythms and intense buildups to ensure your track never stagnates.
sample pck

Horizons Signatures

These 230+ electronic and tonal signatures are full of unique character, everything from big trailer opening statements to weird tonal bends, and horror sounds and beyod.
sample pack

Abyssal Braams

You can't create a sound design collection for composers without te iconic braam sound -but this pack goes beyond just simple reverbed brass sounds, into vast unique sonic realms.
sample pack

Quantum Pings

Subtle cinematic tonal impacts ranging from simple spacious piano notes, to cosmic sonar transmissions, weird tonal impacts and beyond - ready to drag and drop into your project.
sample pack

Horzons Atmospheres

A collection of tonal atmospheres ranging from subtle violin textures to deep dark ambiences, and lush tonal sparkles, recorded from real instruments to add life to any track.

Elemental Archives

A taster of our personal source vault collected across a decade recording weird instruments, junkyards, tools, synths, pedals and much more - ready for you to turn into your own unique sounds!

300+ Cinematic Synth Presets

Dive into inspiring patches for Serum and Diva - made for the modern composer.


Signatures & SFX

Monstrously huge signature sounds, braams and tonal impacts - now available to play in Serum! From soundtracks to trailer music and beyond, these patches are here to make a statement.
Example 2

Cinematic Synths

Dive into a vast selection of pads, basses, atmospheres, pulses, plucks, organs and tons more in this varied selection of inspiration-sparking patches for Serum.

Diva Cinematic Bunde

This pack is filled with over 100 patches of analog cinematic goodness, ranging from deep pads, leads and synths, to lush plucks and arps, pulsing rhyhms and trailer downers and FX.

Video Masterclasses

Learn how to use all these tools to start new ideas, build out full track structues, finish tracks consistently, tweak synth presets, and learn how to pick the right samples for your tracks.

Effect Racks & Presets

As a bonus, we've assmbled a lot of our favorite preset chains and racks for plugins such as Soundtoys Effect Rack - and madethose avilable as well, with a list of required and recommended plugins.
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Composer Master Tools

The Definitive Collection Of Mind-Shredding sounds, Tools and Presets, Complete With Masterclasses

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