A Great Brush Pack For Concept Art & Design

By Walid Feghali

I’ve been asked many times what brushes I use while painting and designing in Photoshop, and now I thought I’d share them. I use these brushes for everything from game & film concept art, to matte painting, to album cover artworks, and everything else I create inside Photoshop.

The brush pack contains the following categories of brushes:


The basic brushes are for everything. They are the hard rounds with and without pressure sensitivity for opacity, the soft brushes, and common painting brushes with no texture. I use these for most of my work, and only use texture brushes and extras for specific needs. Use these brushes a lot, and it will pay off greatly.


The texture brushes are simply that – brushes used for getting more texture in your paintings. I use them for everything as well, especially in concept art. There are many different kinds of texture brushes in this pack, so try them out and see which ones you like. Some of the texture brushes are modeled after real-life mediums on canvas and paper, so a few of them are very nice for getting that realistic canvas look.


The cloud brushes are – well yeah, for painting clouds. But you can also use these for mist, smoke and smoke plumes, and so on.


These brushes are highly useful for getting some great realistic rock and mountain textures in your paintings. I use them all the time to quickly get a nice realistic rocky look to my landscapes and concepts. There are also some in here for snowy scenes, such as up in snowy mountains.


The grass & foliage brushes are for anything related to grass, foliage, trees, fur, hair, and so on. There are also some very useful forest brushes in here for both coniferous and deciduous forests. Also a few ferns, single trees and the like.


These particle brushes can be used for debris, flying small particles wherever you might need them. Highly useful for atmospheric particle effects! A tip is to have a few of the particles slightly bigger, and blur them – that creates a cinematic, shallow depth-of-field effect that is really nice.


The lights brushes work great with brush and layer settings such as linear dodge. Try using one of them, set the brush to linear dodge, and the layer to linear dodge and try painting with a darker color to see the effects. Useful for getting god-rays and cinematic flares. Magical light brushes too.


In the extras you’ll find brushes of birds, rain, water, barb wires, etc.

That’s about it. Load them up in Photoshop and enjoy painting, guys!

Walid Feghali

Co-founder, Concept Artist, Composer

Co-founder of Evenant, Walid is a composer, mechanical engineer, concept artist and entrepreneur from Sweden. Travelling and exploring new opportunities, always looking for new things to learn and create.

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