How to Write Orchestral Music: Make Realistic Orchestrations

Arn Andersson
February 24, 2024
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In this tutorial, I analyze Final Fantasy XV’s Apocalypsis Noctis and share some knowledge on how to write realistic and interesting orchestrations. FLP & Orchestral Stems included as a download!

FLP / Project Stems Download: -

Libraries used & PC Specs: - Strings: Metropolis Ark 1, Cinematic Strings 2- Brass: Metropolis Ark 1- Choir: Metropolis Ark 1- Piano: The Giant- Woodwinds: Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds- Percussion: Damage, Hollywood Orchestral Percussion- Trailer SFX: Cinematic Trailers Designed, Scenes From The Multiverse Vol.1, Juggernaut, Custom Samples

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Arn Andersson

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