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EVENANT is an online resource for both the aspiring and professional creative in the entertainment industry, offering a vault of free content and in depth courses across the fields of music, graphic design, film and game development.

All our content is made by industry professionals, teaching based on the current industry realities and real life experience, not textbook theory.

We empower modern creatives to improve their craft and turn their passion into income.

We offer a vault of free educational content, a thriving global community, and in-depth online courses taught by industry experts teaching from real experience, not just theory. From our content database and our online courses, to our groups and networks – we’ll make sure to guide you on the journey from a beginner to a full-fledged professional.



Back in 2015, two young Scandinavian entrepreneurs met in a composer meet-up in Berlin, and decided to combine their visions into one. Arn Andersson and Walid Feghali were both creating music and artwork for the industry, traveling the world as digital nomads, and teaching others to do the same. It was time for education to be revamped, and for all aspiring creators to reach their ultimate dreams.

One sunny day in Koh Lanta, an island outside the southern shores of Thailand, the founders were working hard on creating content, discussing strategies and a way to execute the formation of this new company. And so EVENANT was born.

It was created out of the passion and mission to change the world for all creators and thinkers across all fields and industries. We offer real education taught by experience, not just theory, in a completely customizable and accessible platform. We bring every aspect of the industries together to one holistic centerfield of productivity and synergy. It is no longer a zero sum game.

Through online education and collaboration, EVENANT sets out to empower creators to improve their skills and turn their passion into income. Building a thriving global community, we now change the lives of thousands of people daily, and will continue to grow and impact the world for generations to come.



Arn Andersson


Born and raised in distant Norway, Arn is a musician, composer and digital nomad who at a young age realized his passion for music, creation and exploring. Freshly after graduating high school while doing his certificate in Music for Film and Television at Berklee Online, Arn released his first ebook and educational website named ComposingSecrets. Deciding to hit the road, he bought a one way ticket to Asia. The next years brought him traveling across over 25 countries and 4 continents, while working as a music composer and producer for games, films and artists all over the globe.

When not working, his adventures have taken him camel trekking in Sahara, scuba diving in Asia, surfing on the coasts of Morocco, training Muay Thai in the islands of Thailand, and collaborating with amazingly talented musicians and artists from all corners of the planet. While not on the road, Arn is currently based out of Norway.

Walid Feghali


As a Swedish award-winning composer, concept artist, mechanical engineer and entrepreneur, Walid has always been dedicated to trying new fields of study, exploring, creating, travelling and collaborating. This has lead him to compose orchestral film scores for feature films and games, trailer music placements in many Hollywood campaigns such as Independence Day 2, Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Call of Duty, creating concept art for the same industry, a mechanical engineering degree, and more.

Never giving up the chance to learn something new and reach new heights in his aspirations in life, both for a better education system and making big things happen!

Kenny Mac

Project and Communications Manager

Kenny Mac is a composer and orchestral producer currently based in Los Angeles, CA. As a relentlessly passionate fan of music, he enjoys listening to composers of the classical repertoire, in particularly Mozart, Beethoven, and Haydn. He is also a huge fan of Japanese composers such as Nobuo Uematsu from the Final Fantasy series, as well as the works of Joe Hisaichi.

In addition to his passion for music, Kenny is passionate about exploring, traveling, and appreciating the beauty of the different cultures of the world. So far, his travel repertoire includes the Gobi Desert, Vietnam, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Hong Kong, as well as driving halfway across the USA.

To date, Kenny has published two EP’s that have garnered over a quarter-million plays collectively. Check out his works at www.kennymacmusic.co

Marko Tica

Web Developer

Marko Tica – music producer, composer, live sound engineer, multi-instrumentalist and web developer. He had his first live TV performance at the age of 5, made his first albums in high school, and has since produced and composed music for all genres. As a producer, he worked with various pop, rock, punk and metal bands along with mixing and recording music in live and studio settings. For the last 10 years his passion has been focused on live sound engineering and composing for media. Marko is proficient as a sound designer and an orchestral composer and is based in Banja Luka, BIH.

You can check out his works at: www.markotica.com

Bruna Nakhle

Facebook Design Group Admin

Based out of the U.S.A, Bruna is a Lebanese Architectural Designer that lives and works in Phoenix, AZ. She is an avid gamer and a novice explorer, having jumped from the Mediterranean coast of Southwest Asia to Europe and finally to North America.

She recently graduated with a BSD in Architecture and has since been allocating lost time towards self-teaching Digital and Concept Art – a life-long dream she had always hoped to achieve some day.

She has worked on the cover for the graphic novel “Ikitsu” by Victor Irizarry and draws inspiration from AAA games like the Dragon Age series and indie games like Journey, including their respective production artists and directors.

She believes in persistently dedicating herself to her goal of joining the Gaming Industry by consistently drawing, practicing, and learning more and more about digital art through her dealings with Evenant and its loyal members.

Tom Hawk

Facebook Music & Audio Group Admin

Tom Hawk is a composer & sound designer for modern media.

He also has deep passions for functional medicine, working out, entrepreneurship and living life to its full potential.

You can learn more about Tom & his work at:


Kellen Gibbs

Film Section Leader/Instructor

Kellen Gibbs is a Film Writer and Director based in Los Angeles, California. As a California native, Kellen began making movies at a very young age. Starting with a DIY approach to filmmaking, Kellen found himself enthralled with the art of film and has since has expanded his craft. He has been nominated for over 30 awards for his films including areas such as best directing, writing, musical score, cinematography and many more.

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