Video Tutorial Part 2: War of the Worlds Alien Iconic Movie Sound Recreation

By BigJerr

This video is part of the Cinematic Synthesis: Digital Sound Creation course.

About the course

Your days of cluelessly searching through synth presets are over Step into the world of custom cinematic synthesis. Cinematic Synthesis: Digital Sound Creation will take you from being mystified by synths, to being able to create any sound that you hear in your head with any synthesizer, and featuring them seamlessly in your cinematic tracks and scores. But this is not your standard EDM synth course. Instead, through this 8 hour video course, we’re gonna look at how to create the type of badass, bone shattering sounds that would make your tracks feel home in epic scores for games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield or movies like Dunkirk and Blade Runner 2049 – completely from scratch.


Course Instructor

Born in Philadelphia and currently residing in Los Angeles Jerry DiPhillippo, better known as BigJerr, has quickly made a name for himself in the Bass Music Scene. Ableton Certified Trainer, Instructor at Icon Collective, finger drummer, and father to the wildly original and inventive brand concept – SCARlit.

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