Okay then good folks,

I wrote in an email the other day that we’ll be hosting a trailer music challenge, with some epic prizes and announcement in the end, in the Evenant music facebook group.

And today it’s LIVE!


Steps to participate in the challenge:

1. Sign up for the Evenant music mailing list.

2. Join the Evenant Music Facebook Group.

3. Say hello over there!

4. Check the group banner for description and rules.

5. Have an awesome time and kick some butt 🙂

Challenge winners will be announced on Nov 18 together with a cool announcement.


Create a 45 second to 1 minute intro for a trailer cue to a post apocalyptic sci-fi movie, with a hopeful tint – with the central core revolving around human voices. This could be choirs, soloist, choral effects and vocal effects, just be creative with the human voice!

It doesn’t have to be purely voice, just should be prominently featured as a main element in some way.

Tempo can be what ever you choose.

The focus should be on creating a big, forlorn, cosmic, yet almost heroic and hopeful atmosphere. It should feel like we really want MORE after the intro.

Now, IF you write a full track, that’s cool too. But keep it to tops 2-2.5 minutes. We’ll be mostly focusing on the intro part of the track, getting us ready for the rest of the trailer.

The challenge ends on Nov 17th 23.59PM PST, with a cool announcement in the end.

So head on over to the facebook group and get started!

Good luck. 🙂

Walid Feghali

Co-founder, Concept Artist, Composer

Co-founder of Evenant, Walid is a composer, mechanical engineer, concept artist and entrepreneur from Sweden. Travelling and exploring new opportunities, always looking for new things to learn and create.