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A few months ago, our Design and Music Facebook Community members participated in our very first cross-disciplinary challenge. Within the Design community, members were given the task to create a piece of concept art based on a pre-determined theme, “Out of Time.” Members were told to interpret the theme in their own way and create a piece that represented their uniqueness as artists.

With over a dozen submissions, the Evenant judges selected three contestant for the Evenant Music Facebook Community to cast votes and choose their top artist, eventually selecting our winner for our inaugural challenge, this captivating piece by Gregory Saxon.

Knowing the winner from the Design Facebook Community, it was now time to pass the second part of the competition to our Music Facebook Community members. Their task was to write a piece of music to the winning artwork done by Gregory Saxon. Many submissions came through, not making it easy for the Evenant judges to pick their top three. The winning piece by Lisa van Hal (Enya Hall) was chosen by the Evenant Design Facebook Community, and you can listen to her track here:

It was finally announced that the two winners would have their track and art piece featured on the Epic Music World YouTube channel, which boasts nearly 1 million subscribers.

With beautiful works coming from Gregory Saxon and Lisa van Hal, as well as incredible animations from Satha in Unicorn Studios, take a look at the final pieces coming from our talented Facebook Community members:

Thanks to all who participated and voted in the challenge, and stay tuned for future challenges like these in the future!

Lisa Van Hal

Lisa van Hal is a self-taught composer from the Netherlands. From early on she was always fascinated by film and videogame scores like The Lion King, Tomb Raider, The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Final Fantasy and more. She recieved her first guitar from her parents at twelve years old and learned to play some chords and melodies. Later on she started to play the electric guitar and played in a metalcore band (Solace Within). After a few years of playing and listening to mostly hardrock and metal, Lisa discovered the world of Epic Music and started to listen to the old scores she used to love. At this point she found out that she wanted to become a composer for trailers and videogames and started learn how to write Epic Music.


Gregory Saxon

My Artist name is Gregory Saxon. I came to be an artist later in life. For the joy it brings to me and others I am forever grateful. Pixels are my medium, and a camera, Photoshop, and drawing pad are my tools. My work ranges the spectrum from pure photography, to composite images, to pure digital painting, and 3D sculpting.


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