Frequently Asked Questions

What is Evenant?

EVENANT is an online resource for both the aspiring and professional creative in the entertainment industry, offering a vault of free content and in-depth courses across the fields of music, graphic design, film and game development. All our content is made by industry professionals, teaching based on the current industry realities and real life experience, not textbook theory. From our content database and our online courses, to our groups and networks – we’ll make sure to guide you on the journey from a beginner to a full-fledged professional.

Who is Evenant for?

Evenant is both for the absolute beginner and the more advanced creative, seeking to learn new skills, meet new people and take their art and career to a new level.

Is Evenant paid or free?

We offer both free and paid content. All of our content on the main website is completely free, giving you the ability to freely browse articles, podcasts, videos, interviews, reviews and much more across all our categories at any time. If you want to dig deeper into any subjects, our online school offers in-depth courses. The online courses give you the possibility to learn and develop any skill you wish, by learning from industry professionals teaching from experience, not only theory.

Do you offer 1-on-1 lessons?

Yes! We have teamed up with a wide range of talented professionals across the different fields in the industry, who are available for private lessons via Skype or email. Both occasional, one-time lessons are available, as well as longer custom private programs tailored to skyrocket your learning over a set time period. To learn more, drop us a message.

Do you have an affiliate

Absolutely! We offer an affiliate program on all our courses, giving you 30% of all the sales you refer. Fair and simple. It’s super quick to sign up, and you immediately get your personal links that you can share with anyone. Whenever someone purchases a course through your links, you automatically receive 30% of the sale profit, sent to your PayPal account. Perfect if you want to make some extra money, recommend a course to a friend, or if you have an online following you want to promote our products to.

Do you have work

We are always looking for more inspiring people to join or growing global team. We provide opportunities in positions such as course authors, team members, content providers and more. To get a bit more information, check out the work with us page.

Which services do you offer?

We have a wide selection of professional services available. From track reviews for music producers, mixing and mastering services, artwork, logo and web design, video production services, and more. Get in touch for quotes and more information regarding how we can help!


Which payment methods do you

We accept payments from over 130 currencies around the world, either via credit/debit card, or PayPal.

Payment Plans

Users that are enrolled under a payment plan is expected to keep up their payments for every billing cycle in order to have access to their subscribed courses. If a billing attempt fails, we will try again within a week. If it fails again, then your enrollment will be cancelled.

However, we still want you to be able to redeem the value that you had already paid. If such a situation occurs, please send us an email at [email protected], and we will generate a coupon code equal to the exact amount that you had paid up until that point, for you to redeem at checkout to re-enroll in the course.

Refunds for Payment Plans — We are happy to extend a 21 day refund policy for anyone who is not happy with the course that they are enrolled in. After the 21 days, we are unable to offer any refunds or cancellations of any payment plans.

Do you have a money back

Absolutely. All our courses comes with a 21-day refund policy, from the day of enrollment. If you for some reason aren’t satisfied with your purchase, get in touch and we’ll refund you your full payment right away – no questions asked. Check our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Refund Limits

We do our best to extend the refund policy to as many students as possible. However, we do reserve the right to refuse refunds to students that we may notice a pattern of refund requests, or if we notice any suspicious behavior, all at our discretion. Students that request for more than 3 refunds without reason are subject to denial of refund.

Do you offer course

On some of our courses, we offer a subscription service as an alternative to the one time payment; an all access plan. This varies from course to course, so you should check if it is available on the course of your interest. In addition, we have add-on VIP subscription services that comes with personal coaching, exclusive content and more that you can purchase on top of your courses for maximum learning.

Do you offer Educational

We are happy to offer education pricing for FULL TIME students and full time faculty at accredited universities studying for a 4-year degree, to be applied towards all of our courses that are learn-on-your-own and that are always-open (open/closed format courses are excluded).

If you are in this category, please reach out to [email protected] to receive your education pricing code to be used towards qualified courses.


How are my products delivered?

You get access to the courses you purchased immediately after your payment has been processed. After placing an order, you will get an email explaining the steps required to log in to our school and get started right away. From hitting the order button, to getting straight into the course and start learning only takes a few minutes!

How do the courses work?

Our courses are hosted on an online teaching platform, with interactive learning material consisting of text, video, audio, images and downloadable files. In addition, every chapter has discussion features and quizzes, giving the students the opportunity to discuss, collaborate, give tips and ask questions. All our courses are available on Windows, OS X and portable devices, being fully responsive to any screen size. The courses can be taken anytime, anywhere – at the comfort of your own home or on the train, studying at your own pace.

Do you offer course bundles?

Yes! There are several bundles to choose from in our course catalog, put together to help you save money.

How long can I access my

If you pay the full price of the course you will have an all time access to it, giving you the freedom to study fully at your own pace, anytime, anywhere – in all perpetuity. If you have paid using a subscription service, the course will be available to you as long as the subscription is valid.

Who are the instructors of the

Our course authors are highly talented and professional people from a wide range of industries, teaching what they know and do, based on experience and not just theory. This gives you the advantage of learning directly from people who’s already doing what you want to do, teaching you exactly what’s needed to succeed using real life techniques and knowledge.

Are courses available on mobile

Yes – both our website and online school is fully responsive and can be accessed from devices of all screen sizes. Access your courses on your smartphone, iPad or laptop from anywhere.

Are courses available offline?

At this time you can’t download the Evenant course videos.

However, in many of our courses, students will be able to receive access to a wealth of downloadable resources such as sample packs, project files, exclusive interview videos, and so on.

Can I re-enroll after cancelling?

If for any reason your subscription has been cancelled and you have been unenrolled from your payment plan, we can re-enroll you by generating a coupon code equaling the total amount of your payments made, to be applied towards the one-time payment option for you to re-enroll. Re-enrolling or resuming your payments with payment plans is currently unavailable.


When will you reply to my

Our current turnaround time is 3-5 business days. However, response times may be slower during weekends and/or major holidays. Thank you for your patience!

Which support line is the best for
me to reach out to?

The best way to receive support is to reach out to [email protected]. As for social media, you are welcome to utilize our Facebook group for Music or Design to invite support from our admins as well as other talented students!

What kind of questions can I
submit for support?

Our support line at [email protected] is dedicated for platform support questions. This includes refund requests, business inquiries, information on selecting the right course for you, technical difficulties in completing a purchase, etc. As for creative input, track feedback, sample library opinions, or just general discussion related topics, please utilize our Facebook groups for Music or Design for support from our talented community!

Can‘t find what you’re looking for?

Drop us a message at [email protected]