An unprecedented course in the field of trailer music,
with technical walkthroughs on composing and mixing,
achieving a huge sound, track creations,
finding solid ideas, and exploring creative workflows.

module ONE

Introduction To
Trailer Music

Diving straight into a full introduction to trailer music and its styles, profitability and the way the industry works.

module TWO

Fundamentals Of
Writing Trailer Music

Orchestration, working with synths, harmony and melody and more music theory. Equipment, software and sounds. Track structures of trailer music. In-depth instructional walkthroughs on finding ideas and creating a polished track.

module THREE

Trailer Music

Pushing the orchestra through its limits and composing a track that will stagger the audience to the edge.

module FOUR

Sound Design
Trailer Music

Exploring the depths of using sound design and synths in trailer music and creating earth-shattering tracks that shake the cinema to its foundation.

module FIVE

Trailer Music

Combining two powerful styles into one. An in-depth guide into a track creation with the best tools and techniques from both worlds – achieving a colossal sound palette.

module SIX

Mixing and

Most powerful mixing tools, techniques and mindsets to get that cinematic sound.

module SEVEN

The Business
Of Trailer Music

Breaking into the industry, working with publishers and making a name for yourself. Find the ways you can earn a substantial income from trailer music.

module EIGHT

Insights From
The Industry

Exclusive and unrivalled insights from the best in the industry. Learn from the top composers, trailer music publishers, trailer houses and editors.

module NINE


Inspiration sources, boost your productivity, overcoming writing blocks and more bonus content relating to becoming a successful composer in the industry.