We’re proud to present our new exciting project:
Cinematic Live Sessions: From Sketch To Finished Track

During this project we’ll compose, orchestrate and record a cinematic track with Ostrich Orchestra in Argentina, and document the entire process – from the very first sketches, to the final complete track.

The project will be lead by Evenant’s Arn Andersson, who will be composing and documenting the creation of the track. We’re also lucky to be joined by our course authors Jerry and Karél, who respectively will provide custom made synths and hard hitting sound design for our track. Naturally, their process will also be documented for you guys to watch later.

We’re filming every step of the project, and we will have a video crew on the recording sessions with the orchestra, and can’t wait to have you join us on this exciting journey. The resulting video content will be both used for their relevant courses (Cinematic Music, Cinematic Synthesis and Trailer Sound Design), with a ton of content also being uploaded on our public social media platforms.

But enough about us… Let’s talk about you, cause this is probably our favorite part….

You read that right. From today, we’re opening up a competition where one lucky winner will receive a 1 hour recording session, featuring 32 professional string and brass musicians, including orchestration and score preparation! The second and third place winners will receive feedback on their submission, as well as course credits on our platform. Check out the complete terms and tips on this page:

Competition Terms:

Write a track, max 2 minutes and 30 seconds, which includes strings and brass.

Instrumentation Breakdown:

STRINGS: Violins (1 & 2) | Violas | Celli | Bass
BRASS: Trumpets | Horns | Trombones | Tuba


1st: 1 Hour Orchestral Session (Strings + Brass) + $500 Course Coupon + Track Feedback
2nd: $300 Course Coupon + Track Feedback
3rd: $150 Course Coupon + Track Feedback

Bonus Prize (1st Place):

We’re happy to announce that Audio Imperia is joining in on the fun and giving away a copy of their brand new library Jaeger to the 1st prize winner of our competition.

Jaeger will be the only orchestral library I’ll be using throughout this project, from composition to orchestration and preparation for the live recording. So throughout the videos I will be posting of the progress, you’ll see firsthand what the library can do, how I use it, and why I think it’s one of the best libraries out there today.


Do more with less, Master the essentials. Be original. Write for the player.

• Do more with less. Focus on fewer, well crafted elements.
• Write for real instrumentalists. Always make sure it is playable and realistic, if not we simply cannot pick your song and record it, no matter how good it sounds.
• Avoid commercial sample libraries. Use Evenant sound packs, mixed with your own sound design and synthesis. This will be a challenge, but be creative. You can use commercial library for your string and brass mockup before the session.
• Max length: 2.30 

Winners will be picked out by the Evenant team, based on originality and creativity and of course, track quality – focusing on principles discussed in our courses. But again, remember that less is more.

Submission Deadline:

February 15th, 2018

PS: Doing this challenge (and not using commercial synth patches and sound design) will act as a little 2018 kickoff test for yourself to see where your strengths and weaknesses are (Melody? Sound design? Arranging? The mix?), so you can work on that this year. That said, everyone who has been through our courses should be well equipped to tackle this challenge. And the one who has truly paid attention and been taking notes during the courses might very well end up with a live orchestral session. 🙂

Questions? Fire them at us at [email protected], and we’ll reply ASAP!

We’re super excited to be kicking off this project, and can’t wait to show you what we’re working on. We’re also stoked to hear all your submissions! For now, it’s time to start working on the track… Best of luck, and talk soon!

How & Where to Submit:

To submit your track join our Evenant Music Facebook Community and submit your track to our pinned post regarding the Live Sessions competition. Post a streaming link to your finished result as a comment in the thread. Dropbox, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.

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